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  • Washington cherry trees watch scary movie in a cinema
  • Snowmen get scared watching a horror movie that has a snowwoman melting.
  • Cranberries audience watches scary movie of canned cranberry sauce blob squish city.
  • Phones get scared watching a Horror Movie about falling into a Toilet.
  • Hot dogs are frightened after seeing a movie about how they are made.
  • Dinosaurs audience watch sci fi film of spaceship T-Rex explode asteroid hitting Earth in alternate reality.
  • First day of the time machine is spent getting back two hours after watching a bad movie.
  • Metal poles get creeped out by A Christmas Story's Ralphie getting his tongue stuck on pole.
  • In romantic movie, donut tells donut hold he completes her.

  • Pencil horror film involves mechanical pencils attacking traditional pencils.
  • For an extra fee, you can rewind a movie with a remote in the theater.
  • Candles complain menorah movie is a little predictable.

You searched for: cinema