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  • Marge Simpson's ultrasound shows Lisa with a spiky head.
  • Chess pieces watch a horror movie called Taken.
  • A woman makes a post about spending less time on Facebook, but then obsessively checks to see if anyone has liked the post.

  • A pop-up comes up to make sure a witch really wants to cast her spell.
  • A dog gets carded at the liquor store and says he only has to be 3 to be 21 in dog years.
  • A mouse looks online to see what the cat will be doing at different hours.
  • Now when you go through airport screenings, you can choose what character you appear as.
  • A girl doesn't bring her photo ID to Santa, so he takes her off the Nice list.
  • A woman checks if it's the full moon on her phone, even though the man in front of her is a werewolf.
  • Doctors switch between game and patient's vitals on monitor.
  • A smart vacuum keeps you from vacuuming legos and rings.
  • Aliens use SSSPF to protect their skin from three suns while tanning.

You searched for: check