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  • Adam sees another girl in Eden and wants to turn over a new leaf.
  • Adam puts leaves on his nipples to cross-dress.
  • Adam gets aphids to eat Eve's leaves.
  • Cat Moses brings down a stone tablet from God which says "Thou Shalt Not Obey."
  • Cat heaven has a booth for cats who demand a recount.
  • Cops in heaven have donut halos.
  • A lawyer claims god is partially responsible for a woman's car crash because she had a God is My Co-Pilot bumper sticker.

  • Moses gets sick of his neighbors never inviting him to use their swimming pool, so he parts it like the Red Sea.
  • After forty days and forty nights, Noah's arc is full of animal poop.
  • A chicken dies while crossing the road and makes it to the other side.
  • A swordfish is going to saw into Noah's Arc so he and another fish can eat the worms Noah is keeping inside.
  • Mr. Whipple goes to hell and is surrounded by snakes who are squeezing the Charmin toilet paper.

You searched for: catholic