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  • Veterinarian tells Sparky the dog to calm down and let Fluffy the cat go, and maybe they will call of the neutering.
  • Dog sitting in a stand selling other pups the chance to sniff her for $1.00, and has sign saying that cold noses are ok.
  • Couple creep past sleeping dog with huge tail, and the man says not to wake him because if he gets excited, they are both goners.
  • Girl's dog and cats sitting with her friend, she tells friend her pets love her, friend says she wants to be veterinarian, pets run away.
  • Mom can tell Spike the dog isn't happy with Bobby's new Mr. Potatohead because he has hat, eyes, mouth, and hands stuck to his backside.
  • If people looked like breath smelled, first boss is dog, subway man is onion, some people are cigarettes, 8th grade teacher is pile of poop.
  • Hockey referee tells announcer the penalty is on number 8, it's 2 minutes for ruffing, and number 8 is a dog.
  • Director talks to fork and cup about script, telling them after dog laughs, next part may be shocking when cup runs away with spoon.
  • Woman at dinner table tells guest not to mind Rufus the dog, he's being possessive because man is eating from bowl Rufus usually eats from.
  • Man tells wife, Emma, they are returning the Alpo aftershave because dog has him in his mouth.
  • Dogs ask home owner where they are moving with their trash cans.

  • Boy's marine biology homework eats his dog.

You searched for: canine