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  • A kid thinks he has mice because the mousetraps he put around his Halloween candy went off, but his parents both have bandages on their fingers.
  • Dogs try to go trick or treating, but when they get there the dog moms have already eaten the candy.
  • A witch goes south for the winter, where she stays in a banana bread house.
  • A candy product labeled Charleston Shoes.
  • A pinata is full of ants.

  • A tootsie roll thinks the Hershey kisses that visited were too affectionate.
  • Candy hearts for cats say things like "You're Tolerable."
  • Godzilla uses a hotel as an advent calendar.
  • Candy canes have been replaced by candy motor scooters.
  • The grim reaper gets distracted by chocolate.
  • A woman can't decide if she wants to buy candy she likes or candy she doesn't like for Halloween.
  • Aliens use a Trojan horse as a pinata.

You searched for: candy