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  • One mosquito tells another that maybe he shouldn't have given her a hickey because she is rubbing calamine lotion on the bite for the itch.
  • One fly tells another, Madeline, as she flies away in a huff, that when he says she looks like crap, it's a compliment.
  • Man on barstool watching FDA report on TV asks frog if he can believe the bug parts allowed in food, frog says it's pretty skimpy.
  • Man tells co-worker Lynn is on phone, she's coming down with nasty bug, and Lynn is coming down from the ceiling with a giant insect.
  • Bees playing basketball, one bee asks another if he just heard the buzzer, bee says, "Who can tell'" because of all the buzzing bees.
  • One fruit fly tells another to take a long walk on a short pear, instead of pier because they are tiny fruit flies.
  • Scientists looking at beehive, worker bee says they are paying too much attention to Queen, she's a figurehead, real power is with Prime Minister Bee.
  • Centipedes at picnic participate in a 150-Legged Race, rather than a two-legged race, because they have so many legs.
  • Cat shopping for cake mix can't make up his mind which flavor, includes goldfish, mouse, tune, sparrow, canary, pigeon, rodent, and more.

  • Bug about to be sprayed holds sign to save ozone.

You searched for: bugs