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  • Will Spitton’s restaurant goes out of business because of the name.
  • Minion Wheats new breakfast cereal.
  • Phones going into low power mode stop to recharge with coffee.
  • A discarded box of donuts tempts birds into eating it.
  • Woman who does have caffeine at home mistakes salt for sugar when making coffee at work.
  • Choboni parodies Chobani greek yogurt.

  • Frankenstein won't come alive because he hasn't had his cup of coffee yet.

  • Knight realizes that Humpty Dumpty poem doesn't say he was an egg.

  • Crackle and Pop are jealous wives are spending so much time on Snapchat.
  • Whales at the workplace snack on whale holes.
  • The three bears are the first to have inconsistent results from using microwave over.

You searched for: breakfast