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  • Duck-billed platypus meets werewolf during full moon and begs not to become yet another animal.
  • Vampire heads home after 18 holes, sucking the blood from nine people.
  • Pokes fun at how women get manicures while many men bite their nails.
  • Fish tells shark that it's half eaten but shark tells fish it's a pessimist.
  • Dog chews a calendar to shreds today, instead of waiting.
  • Jack Frost's house is full of game mounts of noses he's nipped off.
  • Microsoft creates a mosquito net that has flaws in it.
  • A vampire needs to use a can opener because his teeth won't work correctly.
  • Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off the pi'ata at his fifth birthday party.

  • A vampire sneezes and his victim blows up like a balloon.
  • A fish is found guilty at a trial, but the judge sets him free.
  • Dungbeetleman tells Spiderman he shouldn't be complaining.

You searched for: biting