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  • A dog reads reviews on Yelp.
  • A gingerbread man gets another gingerbread man chattering teeth as a stocking stuffer, but they eat him.
  • A man gets bitten by a dog, but it's a vampire dog.

  • A grayhound says she's rapid and her friends think she said she's rabid.
  • A bat eats Mosquito Bites while watching TV.
  • A shark almost attacks his friend because he's lying on a surfboard.
  • Godzilla eats five guys from Five Guys.
  • A fish evolves legs, but a shark bites them off.
  • A cat steals a man's toupee at a party.
  • Shark won't eat butt because he is on a gluteus-free diet.
  • Bit Bat wafers parody Kit Kat wafers.
  • Cat attempts to claw through astronaut's air tube.

You searched for: biting