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  • A cloud claims to have a tattoo, but it's just the Bat Symbol.
  • A bat eats Mosquito Bites while watching TV.
  • A man grabs a baseball bat to protect his home from a baseball robber.
  • Bats wearing mosquito nets in jungle can't catch mosquitoes to eat.
  • Zombies use a human's head as a pinata.

  • Bit Bat wafers parody Kit Kat wafers.
  • By beating test subject, researchers hope to treat incurable optimism.
  • Opposing player taunts batter by texting "no batter."
  • Pitcher gets friend request from catcher and needs to decide to nod or shake him off.
  • Vampire teacher chastises pupil for turning into cat instead of a bat.
  • For Father's Day, Mark's family provides all the ideas so he can have the day off.
  • Interleague play combines baseball and hockey leagues.

You searched for: bat