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  • Ladybug realizes why she loses staring contest to butterfly.
  • Tick comes back engorged with blood after crawling around on pups all night.
  • Women lemons gossip about the weird sweet lemon guy.
  • Woman looks like she has beard after she kisses her cat for good luck before dates.
  • When bartender announces last call, phone thinks he's being nosy,
  • Planet bartender refuses to serve Earth because she's had too much to drink and is off her axis.
  • Shovel starts bar fight with snowflakes.
  • Pillow sees cool side of friend.
  • Last turkeys in bar are disappointed by unattractive leftover mates.
  • Puzzle piece is at the bar driving someone crazy by being the missing piece.
  • After unproductive day of brainstorming, coworkers head to bar to excessively drink to bladderstorm.

  • Chameleon sympathizes with Kermit that it's not easy to be green.

You searched for: bar