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  • Dog is arrested after peeing on a fire hydrant art exhibition.
  • Mobile device poses for artists without cover.
  • Christo's cat stages his own installation with toilet paper strewn in the bathroom.
  • Caveman worries about other caveman's drawing of bull in a provocative position.
  • Drawing Tips book advises putting book covers on the correct side but doesn't heed its own advice.
  • Venus de Milo isn't impressed by David's Christmas present of legs.
  • Cat in screen mimic Munch's The Scream.

  • Man mistakenly gets grocery list tattooed on back after note mix-up.
  • Hot dog gets grill marks tattooed on.
  • The secret to being a cartoonist is censored and redacted by National Cartoonist Society.
  • Futuristic people getting tattoo of emoji poop symbol believe it represents truth and beauty.
  • Venus's scallop shell is anchored at berth.

You searched for: artist