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  • Waiter pours ants on top of anteater's food to season it.
  • Fly realizes he's dodged a bullet when anteater tells him he's named after what he eats.
  • Anteater cooks ants from anthill with magnifying glass.
  • Anteaters open a lobster restaurant and no one comes.
  • A pinata is full of ants.

  • Anteaters go out to dinner, but all the restaurants are called Ants.
  • An anteater makes Thanksgiving stuffing out of ants.
  • An anteater in a restaurant complains because there's a fly in his ants.
  • Ant gyms measure their weights in terms of times body weight.
  • An ant stuck to an anteater's tongue and a fly stuck to a frog's tongue promise to never let go.
  • Ants arrange themselves in a checkered pattern on a picnic blanket.

You searched for: ant