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  • Wife can guess by husband's cloud tan lines that is was cloudy but not windy at beach.
  • A new wind turbine designed like a mime acts like it's windy even when it isn't.
  • A gust of wind blows a bunch of beach balls into one person's umbrella.
  • Godzilla makes wishes while blowing on wind turbines.
  • A windmill has a key in the back so it can be wound up.
  • A musician's hair is windswept because the band's tuba keeps blowing on it.
  • Man on hill relaxes as neighbor below has to rake his leaves.
  • Convertible car owner chooses dog for aerodynamic shape.
  • Man has winter flashback and mistakes dandelion seeds for snowflakes.
  • Man crawling across desert tells friend not to draft.
  • Boy learns wireless is not always better when his kite gets away.

  • Wind conditions on the beach cause meteorologist to get impaled by umbrellas.

You searched for: wind