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  • Queen insists plastic covers stay on the throne until someone important comes over.
  • Dog believes he is a goose that lays golden eggs as owner always collects his poop.
  • Words that are left out of acronyms, like FBI, get a support group therapy.
  • A cat puts up "Lost" posters for himself.
  • Assembly line for making cameras includes the ten pounds put onner part.
  • Psychiatrist's patient doesn't feel centered, and is not centered on the page.
  • Groundhog's shadow tells therapist is sad because everyone is disappointed when he shows up.
  • Grandma thinks that getting eaten by the Wolf was bad, until Red Riding Hood shows up.
  • The cartoon diagrams the anatomy of the teenage brain.

  • A paint can sees a psychiatrist because it wants to be thinner.
  • "Not Me" from Family Circus is always having an identity crisis.
  • Little Miss Muffett crushes the spider that scares her.

You searched for: self esteem