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  • Piranha kid complains to mom that sister got one more bite of human.
  • Octopus with no legs is called a nadapus.
  • Fish dances like crazy with new legs while he's evolving.

  • Moby Dick whale uses gray dye to sneak attack Ahab.

  • Candlestick maker worries butcher and baker are plotting to eat him.
  • Jellyfish wears his tentacles up in a man bun.
  • The Innocence Project helps exonerate and release the Kraken.
  • Jonah uses whale's tongue to take a selfie from instead whale's mouth.
  • Venus's scallop shell is anchored at berth.
  • Shark tells classmates how he went to the beach on his summer vacation.
  • Watching people run from the water screaming as they remember phones in their pockets is good beach entertainment.

You searched for: ocean