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  • A woman looks for buns of steel at the beach by scanning people's butts with a metal detector.
  • A flesh eating fish is on a diet where he can only bite people's pinkie toes.
  • A shark gets mad at his girlfriend because she wants to leave him for another shark who has a swimmer's body.
  • Sharks get excited because they can use a boat full of fishermen as a pinata.

  • A cat leaves behind a book called The Art of Thinking Big as it sneaks into the aquarium to eat an entire whale.
  • Dodos go extinct on Noah's Arc because one of them believes in zero population growth.
  • A shark attacks someone not by biting him but by saying mean things to him.
  • A man throws his friend into the water because he thinks a chum will attract fish.
  • A man puts on tanning oil at the beach and sharks think he's adding coconut flavoring for them.
  • A shark tells her husband she's going window shopping to look at glass-bottom boats.
  • Fish reports on murder scene being invested by police. Suspect is Mrs. Paul.
  • People on the Titanic get sex changes so they can be women and leave first.

You searched for: ocean