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  • Mosquitos Fit Bite tracks how many bites he's able to give humans.

  • God's creation of beg bugs posts gets less likes than his creation of pandas and cats.
  • Waiter pours ants on top of anteater's food to season it.
  • St Patrick wishes he had driven mosquitoes out of Ireland instead of snakes.
  • Caterpillar wonders what's taking date who's turned into a chrysalis so long to change.
  • Wife is disappointed housefly never wants to go out.
  • Fly realizes he's dodged a bullet when anteater tells him he's named after what he eats.
  • Gardener watering plants finds beetles praying to a statue of her as a rain goddess.
  • Anteater cooks ants from anthill with magnifying glass.

You searched for: insect