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  • The North Wind plays a prank on a snow blower by redirecting his snow.
  • A weather man gives his report in the form of rap.
  • Pig Pen goes to Heaven and gets to skip the 'walking in a cloud' lesson.
  • Angel's play a joke on people by impersonating God.
  • A shovel and salt company pay the Groundhog to see his shadow no matter what.
  • Eeyore is put over a city in an attempt to get a rain cloud to follow.

  • A cloud is uncomfortable because it has large hailstones.
  • A cloud tells his girlfriend she looks like a horse.
  • Angels hope that halo piercings in nose and eyebrow are just a fad.
  • A man changes from a thunderstorm shirt to a sunny skies shirt.
  • The weather channel warns of ominous clouds moving in as clouds with suitcases appear in a man's doorway.
  • A cloud makes shadow puppets to entertain other clouds in the sky.

You searched for: cloud