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  • Tin cans married and tied behind a bumper wonder what happens next.

  • The mother of the bride writes the vows and makes comments about groom.

  • Fortune Teller sees cat fur on client and impresses client.

  • Mother mentions twins with cloning machine, Dad realizes they don't have twins.

  • Woman with many cats warns man she is about to use the can opener.

  • Clyde meets death in the bathroom and they brush teeth together.

  • Man's resume boasts of his beer drinking skills.

  • The scarier version of Star Wars is when Darth Vader reveals he's Luke's Mother.

  • Chocolate frosted birthday cake become white when bird poops on cake.

  • A basketball player's foot vanishes because he uses cream to make athlete's foot disappear.

  • Man tells son he is listening to the very best of America and it is a list of first responders and o

  • Person shortens new year's resolutions to simply be more like George Harrison.

You searched for: