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  • Gardening shovel and snow shovel battle in boxing ring to determine who will win the season for March.
  • Mom yells at Godzilla dad for roughhousing and making baby spit up after dinner.

  • A cat and a dog knock out a referee in a fight to see whose breath is worse.
  • A man keeps two fighting fish in the same tank, but he calls them wrestling fish.
  • A man roughhouses with a kitten, who gives him a black eye.
  • Bees and beavers fight to see who's the busiest.
  • Someone smashes a chair in an art museum, but everyone there is a chair-smasher.
  • Angels remember when the bell that gave them their wings rang.
  • A wrestling match has the right names, but the wrong people.
  • New Olympic events include power napping and extreme uphill bobsled.
  • The Pentagon, the WWF, and Jerry Springer collaborate on a project to launch folding chairs from a cannon.

You searched for: wrestling