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  • Teacher is impressed when the smart board reads her mind about wanting to go home and relax.
  • Man is rated as excellent food for mosquitos by Zagat.
  • Flamingo can bend leg backwards due to yoga.

  • Cat selfishly sleeps on head of feverish cat.
  • A gust of wind blows a bunch of beach balls into one person's umbrella.
  • Two smartphones have sex, and afterwards one says she didn't know there was an app for that.
  • Dogs wear 3D glasses to smell a movie.
  • Frankenstein solves Einstein's equation with "fire = bad".
  • Adam reminds God that he can use his 23 other ribs to create more women.
  • Saturn can't see beautiful star show because its rings obscure the view.
  • Wife gives husband birthday gift of dent puller, touch-up paint, and auto body gift certificate, he asks if there's something she needs to tell him.

You searched for: wow