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  • Snake hair Medusa on computer sees worm diagnosis on doctor’s website.
  • A fish avoids getting hooked by eating the worms like corn on the cob.
  • Shopper birds pushing grocery carts catch worms at Whole Foods parody supermarket.
  • Grub uses GPS directions on his smartphone to find roots underground.
  • Soily Putty parodies Silly Putty.
  • After half being eaten by bird, worm gets asked if she's lost weight.

  • The early bird arrives at a party obnoxiously early.
  • The early bird understands the worm.
  • Worm without partner realizes that he's reproducing asexually tonight.
  • Woman worm confesses male worm is a little too down to earth for her.
  • Power of air from leaf blower squashes worm friend against fence.

You searched for: worm