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  • Pet macaw bird excites frenzied dog mimicking owner saying go for a walk & time for din-din,
  • Dog on smartphone listens to favorite walk, ride, dinner songs play list.
  • Two workers named Victor write History on school classroom door window.
  • Criminal consumers arrested for eating sharing size candy, playing Words With Friends game with strangers, coffee in a tea cup and blowing nose on toilet paper.

  • Misspelled famous monuments autocorrected to great whale of China, faster running Moai heads, pee leaking tower of Pisa and stoned hen Stonehenge.
  • Word it’s in counseling tells therapist people think it is possessive.
  • Man tells birdwatcher watching Sesame Street Berts in trees he thought they were going birdwatching.
  • Connected canine technology upgrades for dogs like Blocking stay, Outlook windows, TikTok waiting and Words With Friends howling.
  • Counselor asks depressed word the in therapy if it was removed from Facebook before it got big.
  • Cat in bed has motivational poster with “good job pretending to ignore this” inspirational message.
  • English majors on the jury interpret a double negative as a confession.
  • Cemetery tombstone for mixed up words speaking Star Wars Yoda has RIP as PRI for peace rest in.

You searched for: word