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  • Beaver eats parody Post brand post wooden log cereal for breakfast.
  • Characters go to Betty Rubble Center for mental health and addiction issues.

  • Pinocchio lies on his dating profile and his nose breaks his computer screen.
  • Soldier gives away his position inside Trojan horse.
  • Builders mistakenly build Trojan Man instead of Trojan Horse.
  • Amorous dog reads advice for how to remove splinters obtained from pirate's wooden leg.
  • Chair gets told no one wants to hear the story about his wooden leg.
  • Beaver accidentally eats wooden bowl and table during meal of sticks.
  • Pinocchio searches for his roots, but they turn out to be the stump he's sitting on.
  • A beaver eats Pinocchio and is glad because he came with toothpicks.
  • George Washington's dentist calls an exterminator to work on his teeth.
  • Pinocchio goes shopping for paint to cover his bald spot.

You searched for: wooden