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  • Man mistakes boomerang for crescent moon.
  • Boy learns wireless is not always better when his kite gets away.

  • Cat tells kitten to pace itself when shedding fur.
  • A horse gives his dentist a gift to get out of his appointment.
  • After the wisdom teeth are pulled by dentist, the rest of the teeth don't know what to do without them.
  • Dog gets messy by rolling in a pile of garbage.
  • Dog lifts leg to urinate on tree.
  • Dog wakes up sleeping owner by jumping on the bed.
  • Bark and the whole neighborhood barks with you.
  • A dog flatters a person with a saliva lick.
  • Dog chews a calendar to shreds today, instead of waiting.
  • Fish advising other fish about ice fishing season.

You searched for: wisdom