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  • Doctor tells sleep study patient to sleep normally while covered in uncomfortable monitor tubes and watched by cameras and researchers
  • Man decorating tree tells family not to move until Christmas because he got all the lights to work.
  • Godzilla kid sorts his Halloween treats into cars, buildings, and people.

  • Tangle Fairy comes at night to tangle up headphone wires.
  • A Christmas light stays out of the office and then none of the lights work.
  • A man sneezes while decorating a Christmas tree and blows off the lights and ornaments.
  • An iPhone sprays detangler on its earbuds.
  • Charlie Brown plays with a virtual kite and gets tied up in computer cord.
  • Boy learns wireless is not always better when his kite gets away.
  • A bird tries to say the snow covering a car is actually bird poop.
  • Man untangles Christmas lights but becomes tied up himself.
  • A tightrope walker can't walk on a wireless high wire.

You searched for: wire