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  • Snowman brings wife to hospital because her ice broke.
  • Once he has a phone, groundhog never notices his shadow again.
  • Groundhog Nog is an unpopular holiday drink.
  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.
  • Abominable Snowflake was short-lived when windshield wiper destroyed it.
  • Frosty melts from defective Galaxy phone that catches fire.
  • Metal poles get creeped out by A Christmas Story's Ralphie getting his tongue stuck on pole.
  • Cat makes snowman into a cat by putting carrots as ears.

  • Kids practice catching snowflakes on tongue in fall by catching falling leaves.

  • During snowy winter, tree looks forward to warmth of dog peeing on it.
  • Snowman test to see if melting snowman has a fevor.

  • Snowman wonders why she got stuck talking to the most boring snowman at the party.

You searched for: winter