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You searched for: weight loss
  • Monsters go to the gym to stay small enough to fit under people's beds.
  • Snake's new diet is to tie itself into a knot to restrict eating.
  • Pear's figure is improved by working on his core.
  • Woman sees spider using her stationary bike for spinning a web.
  • Man's diet fails as he eats foods that sound thin but aren't.
  • Woman gives birth to lose weight in reality show competition.
  • Witches play prank by putting sign on witch saying "free clothes just add water."
  • Doctor gets a phone call in the middle of a surgery, saying that the rights to that stomach stapling are copyrighed.
  • A cat lounging atop a computer worries he may need to diet when he see the new flat screen model.
  • Bug magazines are covered with pictures of walking sticks.
  • Crabs change the lettering on the 'no-carb meal' sign.
  • A woman has a spam filter that works on her family.

You searched for: weight loss