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  • Betty Rubble Center Relapse #22 includes cartoons recovering from addiction.
  • Satellites are upset their advanced technology is supporting short texting messages.
  • Kids make sandcastle so effective it leaves family stranded.
  • Impossible to tell when man's controller battery dies when playing Conductor Hero video game.
  • Crowd surfer sees a shark heading his way.
  • Noise machine plays jaws theme instead of ocean sounds.
  • Ranchers observe what appears to be a bunch of prairie dogs doing the stadium wave.
  • A man tries to listen to the ocean in a seashell, but it can't distribute audio wave files.
  • A conductor's instructions are simply to wave his hands around until the music stops.

  • Whale sneezes and causes a tidal wave over a city, and another whale tells him, "Gesundheit."
  • Hairclub for Men executives are at ball game and decide to do the wave using their hair pieces to wave.

You searched for: wave