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  • Hen wife in couple’s therapy with rooster husband says just once she’d like to sleep late.
  • Exhausted robin in bathrobe drinking coffee is late for spring migration.
  • Giraffes becomes annoyed with antelope because he drink his coffee quickly.
  • Zombies always wake up with a purpose of finding brains.

  • In comparison, a woman's mosquito bite is minimal to her husband's bitten and unidentifiable body.
  • An autumn leaf has a dream about falling out of the tree.
  • Bears prank another bear by drawing on him while he hibernates.
  • The original snooze button was pouring a bucket of water on the rooster.
  • A cow asks for a wake-up tip.
  • A drummer says it's "cosmic" how his roommate always wakes up at the same time he does, but really he's just waking him up with his drums.

You searched for: waking up