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  • Exhausted robin in bathrobe drinking coffee is late for spring migration.
  • Crowd of sleepy customers swarms towards frightened coffee shop barista on Daylight Savings Day.
  • Man kept awake by loud partying lawn outside window has second thoughts about planting Mardi Grass.
  • Woman on laptop drinking Red Bull works productively while man with Blue Sloth is collapsed in an exhausted mess.
  • Sleeping woman’s pets suddenly appear at her bed as soon as she stirs.
  • Cat begs for food then refuses to eat it.
  • Zombies always wake up with a purpose of finding brains.

  • Mother Goose's children bring her an omelet in bed, but it's made of Humpty Dumpty.
  • A newborn baby dreams it was spelunking.
  • Laptop sneaks in carefully as he doesn't want his wife to wake up at his touch.
  • Surgeon wakes up patient who is snoring too loud.
  • In comparison, a woman's mosquito bite is minimal to her husband's bitten and unidentifiable body.

You searched for: wake up