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  • Waiter pours ants on top of anteater's food to season it.
  • A godzilla orders a sloppy joe and gets a neat one instead.
  • A cat complains that his food is dried out, but his waiter says it's because he hasn't touched it in 6 hours.
  • Darth Vader goes to a restaurant called The Dockside instead of going to the Dark Side.
  • An anteater in a restaurant complains because there's a fly in his ants.
  • At dog restaurants, it's hard to get the food from the waiters.
  • The shark from Jaws used to be in small independent films.
  • A cell phone in a restaurant is looking for service.
  • Restaurant patron complains to chef that fish he ordered contains the mythological Mercury.
  • Fancy worm restaurant serves ground ground on entrees.
  • Rapunzel gets fired from chef job when her long hairs appear in customers' soup.

You searched for: waitress