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  • Carl has second thoughts about choosing the Muppets Swedish Chef's indecipherable voice as GPS voice.
  • Sharks are impressed by ventriloquist with man in his mouth.

  • A robot calls his mom and she hangs up on him because she doesn't want robocalls.
  • Mime paints in a variety of styles trying to find artistic voice.
  • Ventriloquist's lips don't move when kissing his girlfriend.
  • It was marketing failure to have a GPS voiced by a nagging spouse.
  • With voice activated software we can see how father is convinced by child to play outside.
  • Cats see dog obey owner and wonder if it is voice-activated.
  • Man is bummed there is no guitar part in Guitar Hero, Legends of A Capella.
  • In bar, one cellphone doesn't like another cellphone's tone.
  • Ventriloquist on trial throws his voice to the juror reading the ventriloquist's verdict.

You searched for: voice