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  • Pirate is disappointed he's walking off the plank and will be two steps short of his FitBit goal.

  • Scratched dog tries to pick cat out of police lineup.
  • A headsman has almost finished his bucket list.
  • A thief picks his victim out of a police lineup.
  • Jason accidentally leaves the safety on his chainsaw.
  • Fly is angry his last moments are spent in a low thread count spider web.
  • Gangsters hide evidence by dragging bullet ridden cheese to Swiss section.
  • At party of food mascots, someone yells "Let's break bread"' and Pillsbury Doughboy gets killed.
  • Discouraging birthday card tells fish he's old enough to be cooked and eaten.
  • To cover up the failed robbery, pickpocket compliments victim's butt instead.
  • Hydrant patterned pants are tempting for dog to pee on.
  • A fortune teller that sees all does not see a crime in front of her shop.

You searched for: victims