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  • Mars calls Cupid out for using an old profile photo showing him as a baby.
  • Venus is embarrassed in front of boyfriend by mom showing "Birth of Venus."
  • Armless Venus statue never returns high five greetings.
  • Armless Venus de Milo statue in museum is envious of a many-armed Hindu goddess statue.
  • Gods play golf to set up the planets.
  • God was the original global positioning system.
  • A shark sculpts a statue without arms and titles it "Leftovers."
  • A woman talks about planets aligning and a man responds by saying the arrows on the Aspirin bottle are going to align.
  • A statue tells her boyfriend that he used to put her on a pedestal.
  • Sculpture at a museum for octopuses is called Octopus de Milo, and the sculpted octopus has no tentacles, like Venus de Milo has no arms.
  • Earth notices a volcano, like a pimple, on his forehead before his date with Venus.

You searched for: venus