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  • Boy uses Roomba to vacuum up chocolate coins from kids playing dreidel on Hanukkah.
  • Romance Novels for Women involve men doing chores for them.
  • Mummies have a Tomb-a vacuum instead of a Roomba.

  • A broom reassures a book in a bar that smartphones won't make it obsolete.
  • Two people ignore an elephant in their robot vacuum.
  • Man uses babies in static charged pajamas to clean carpet.
  • The sticky part on the back of sticky notes is gotten from the movies.
  • Cats dust behind the furniture when a woman vacuums.
  • A mother uses a car vacuum on her son to stop him from running around.
  • A man wants his wife to use her gift, a vacuum cleaner.
  • A kitten goes trick or treating dressed as a vacuum.

You searched for: vacuuming