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  • Holes in wiffle bowls make them ineffective.
  • Fish likes washer but dryer doesn't dry clothes underwater.
  • Logan's mom accidentally reads Mad Libs as remedies for child's sickness.
  • Hammerhead shark, despite shape of head, isn't handy around the house.
  • Man on deserted island receives a bottled message for a gift card for Raft World.
  • A dog shreds tons of paper, making a mechanical paper shredder futile.
  • A woman hangs her clothes on a treadmill at a gym.
  • A conductor's instructions are simply to wave his hands around until the music stops.

  • An alarm clock feels obsolete when a family's new baby wakes them up.
  • A porcupine's seatbelt helped him in a car crash, but the airbag just popped.
  • A swordfish cuts fisher's lines.

You searched for: useless