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  • Cat texts owner demands to be fed and pet more.
  • The Classic The Emperor's New Clothes is updated.
  • Christmas tree decides to keep profile picture that was taken before he began losing needles.
  • Social media site asks chameleon if he wants to update his profile pic again with new color.

  • Snowflake needs to change outdate raindrop profile pic.
  • A man turns into a werewolf and stops to update his profile picture.
  • Heaven gets crowded, so the angels might have to update their cloud storage.
  • Nude Descending Staircase becomes Dude Descending a Stairmaster.
  • The Girl with the Pearl Earring gets a bunch of facial piercings.
  • A caveman's cave-drawing profile picture is out of date.
  • The Scream is so upset because he accidentally sent a Reply All email.

You searched for: update