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  • Man is prevented from voting in election by cat sleeping on lap.
  • Abraham Lincoln always gets the top hat playing piece in Monopoly.
  • Christopher Columbus steals Leif Ericson's tweet about discovering the new world.
  • Abraham Lincoln wears complete stove as his formal hat.
  • Capitol Hill windmills are powered by politicians' debate over energy policies.
  • Lincoln sculpture works out and is more sculpted than other Mount Rushmore figures.
  • Man has odd-shaped office next to the oval office.
  • George Washington's mother puts cherries in all the food so he cuts down cherry tree.
  • To get day off from school, a student time travels to try to change the signing of the Declaration of Independence to September.
  • Wandering within a dog's furry coat, a flea is polling fellow fleas about the dog's direction.
  • Christopher Columbus' exploration voyage is portrayed with the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

  • Daredevil fish decide to do extreme upstreaming at Niagara Falls.

You searched for: united states