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  • Man finds it preferable to hide under the Bed with a Monster than listen to the News.
  • Man decides shag rug is too deep.
  • Cat knock knock jokes send them under the couch in fear after hearing the knock.
  • Santa is disappointed no one has left cookies, but Cookie Monster is stealing them all.
  • Witch gets excited when she finds gingerbread floor under carpet in house.

  • Stove Bottom Stuffing parodies Stove Top Stuffing.
  • Mr. Potatohead wonders if getting cat who plays with and hides pieces was a good idea.
  • Cats throw a surprise party for their friend and he hides under the bed.
  • A Christmas tree goes to therapy because it was disappointed that the gifts under it weren't for it.
  • Monsters who live under the bed have an argument and the husband has to sleep under the couch.
  • A cat keeps ordering more pencils because he loses them under his desk.

You searched for: underneath