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  • Hypnotized cats in flying saucers crash into the sun.
  • UFO invasion of Earth retreats after attack by dogs chasing frisbees.
  • Cat radios back to mission control that due to love and attention they are staying.

  • Alien boss wants to know what interviewee has built recently other than pyramids.
  • Alien children take a class on making crop circles.
  • Aliens make advertising crop circles.
  • The alien crashed at Roswell because it was holding a cellphone.
  • Cat aliens abduct a vet and return him with a cone to keep him from scratching his incisions.
  • Han Solo packs a giant bag of Wookiee Litter for a long flight with Chewbacca.
  • An alien vaporizes her husband to cure his cold.
  • A candle lands on a birthday cake in a spacecraft.
  • An alien complains that when he was young, he had to abduct cavemen, whose brains were much smaller.

You searched for: ufo's