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  • Birdwatcher on smartphone bird translator app reads target approaching as singing birds prepare to poop.
  • Connected cat technology upgrades like Touch Screen climbing, Voice Command meowing at door, Airplane Mode pouncing, and Being Trolled bird tweets.
  • Dog asks dog with smartphone if checked out Twitter feed but he doesn’t want to roll in that mess.
  • Woman questions amount of time spent with Twitter.
  • Pi worries that he can't fully express himself in Twitter's 140 characters.

  • Clicking noises from birds tweeting on Twitter wake a man up.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer looks at the other reindeer following him on Twitter.
  • The scarecrow tweets 'if only I had a brain' and then zombies retweet it.
  • A bird tweets during a meal because it's polite in his family.
  • A ghost wants to tweet a long 'boo,' but is limited to 140 characters.
  • Christopher Columbus steals Leif Ericson's tweet about discovering the new world.
  • A man's pet parrot reposts his tweets.

You searched for: tweeting