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  • President Abraham Lincoln’s honesty is tested by smartphone app terms and conditions checkbox.
  • Man must be told that a lie is the truth.

  • Realtor tells buyers they can hear the ocean at seashell house.
  • The Hulk testifies truthfully in courtroom.
  • A man plays a game of risk and tells his girlfriend he thinks her sister is hot.
  • A mom lies about her age on her birthday, but her daughter has learned how to read and reveals her birth date.
  • The Grim Reaper's wife tries on a new cloak, and wants to know if it makes her tailbone look big.
  • The Toothfairy's daughter wants to know the truth.
  • Regular people do extreme sports like driving with a car full of balloons and eating leftovers from the back of the fridge.
  • Godzilla says he's crying inside, but his friend says it's just the people he's digesting.
  • George Washington confesses to downloading pictures from
  • A judge secures witnesses by putting them under an oaf.

You searched for: truthful