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  • A press-on nail truck and a chalkboard truck have an accident, making a horrible noise.
  • Driver is scared awake by GPS global positioning system voice yelling he’s about to crash into a truck.
  • Onlookers at St Patrick’s Day beer truck accident on highway weep over puddle of spilled beer.
  • While the wiener mobile is a marketing success, the haggis mobile was a marketing failure.

  • A wrecking ball has an affair with a homewrecker.
  • Godzilla makes his son mac and cheese out of Mack trucks.
  • A snowman drives a snowplough.
  • Beaker, the roadrunner, and R2D2 get run over because no one can hear them over the beeping of a reversing truck.
  • Oblivious man walking under ladder doesn't realize crowd is warning him about fire.
  • Instead of How's My Driving, critic's bumper sticker asks How's Your Driving'.
  • Man worries when he sees bumper sticker asking drivers to report on van driver's narcolepsy.

You searched for: truck