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You searched for: trimming

  • Sad Christmas ornaments left in the box hope for next year in support group.
  • Angry cat is annoyed it can’t knock off Christmas tree ornaments hung too high.
  • Man head with glasses and mustache hairstyle isn’t what woman in salon had in mind when she asked hairdresser for a bob.
  • Jellyfish cuts tentacles off trying to make them even.
  • Medusa needs to use a nose trimmer to trim the snakes from her nose.
  • God creates Bart Simpson by using pinking shears to cut his hair.

  • The Green Giant watches a show from the 70s and realizes people didn't care about pruning back then.
  • In desperate attempt to lose weight, woman cuts hair.
  • Son thinks garden mower is used to cut garden rather than lawn.
  • Snake's new diet is to tie itself into a knot to restrict eating.

You searched for: trimming