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  • Zombies try to eat the Headless Horseman, but they don't like pumpkin seeds.
  • A lego figure tells his therapist that he has nightmares where his feet are stuck to the floor.
  • People learning how to use a pinata hit each other by accident.

  • To cover up the failed robbery, pickpocket compliments victim's butt instead.
  • Four magnetic strips on credit cards make customers confident they are swiping in right direction.
  • Batman yells to use bat sonar which scares passersby.
  • Hamster is trying to escape by tunneling but is unsuccessful because he's in a "Habitrail."
  • It's hard to find Keith Richards at a Halloween party full of people dressed as skeletons.
  • A guinea pig mom makes new dishes for her family to try.

You searched for: tries