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  • Woman in mask says gesundheit to trick-or-treater in Batman costume who sneezed it off and on to her.
  • Puppy trick-or-treater on Halloween wears a frightening costume of empty bowl on head.
  • Grown ups trick or treating on Halloween ask for candy from a house giving out full size bars.
  • Cat Halloween doesn’t get very far when all are hiding in their candy bags instead of trick-or-treating.
  • Parody of Air Heads Candy is Rogaine flavored Hair Heads for aging wolfmen.
  • Smartphone is dressed as an old fashioned rotary dial phone with handset for Halloween.
  • Headless horseman is surprised to meet a bellboy with no butt and pumpkins shoved down his pants.
  • Magician gives Trick to Trick or Treaters.
  • Candy Factories shrink Halloween Candy.
  • Godzilla kid sorts his Halloween treats into cars, buildings, and people.

  • Man thinks trick-or-treaters are Pokémon to find from Pokémon Go.
  • Trick-or-treaters remark on how early Christmas decorations are going up on neighborhood houses.

You searched for: trick-or-treat