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  • Medusa and her snake head hair change into werewolves after being bit by werewolf.
  • Star Wars Luke Skywalker turns into a werewolf when he sees a full moon but is embarrassed when Obi-Wan Kenobi tells him it’s a space station, the Death Star.
  • French fries change their appearance with flat or curling irons.
  • Balloon becomes a werewolf after seeing full moon.
  • Pillow sees cool side of friend.
  • Man doesn't like having conversations with clown because he turns dialogue into balloon animals.
  • Fairy Godmother modifies pumpkin into a carriage for Cinderella.

  • Woman gets angry not at date's transformation into werewolf, but that he's shedding all over her.

  • Snorkeler asks cuttlefish disguised as snorkeler where the cuttlefish are.
  • Social media site asks chameleon if he wants to update his profile pic again with new color.

  • Chameleon criticizes book for covering only 50 shades of grey.
  • Caterpillar wonders what's taking date who's turned into a chrysalis so long to change.

You searched for: transformation