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  • Connected cat technology upgrades like Touch Screen climbing, Voice Command meowing at door, Airplane Mode pouncing, and Being Trolled bird tweets.
  • Man’s laptop inappropriately complements his soft and soothing fingertips.
  • Stocking is uncomfortable being so close together on the mantle.
  • Blowfish prefers long distance relationships for safety.

  • Because cat always slept beside her at computer, Deb installed track pad in the cat to keep working.
  • Wife complains to therapist her ipad husband falls asleep unless she is touching him.
  • Dad clock tells boy if he dates daughter, his hands are not springing forward.
  • A pumpkin's vines grope another pumpkin.
  • Darth Vader's hand hurts when he uses the Force to strangle someone.
  • Everything Queen Midas touches turns to shoes.
  • A cat scratches his friend's iPad because he was shopping for couches.
  • A cup cheats on her husband with a cup holder.

You searched for: touch